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About Me


a little bit about me........

-born and raised in Brooklyn, NY

-moved to Seaford, Long

Island at 16

-worked at HENRI BENDEL

-worked at A&S

-college in NYC, degree

in Fashion merchandising

-met my hubby Carl 1982

(love at first sight:)

-he was a deli clerk then a Paramedic

and a volunteer fireman

-worked in NYC in the fashion


-got married in 1984

-Carl became a NYC Policeman 1985

-had two sons

Chris & Dan

-stayed home with the boys

-worked as a dressmaker

-worked for the GAP

-Carl became an instructor at the Nassau County Fire Academy

(side job)

-started modeling in 1997

with an agency in NYC

I was lucky enough to work as a plus size

model until

we moved in 2009

-started my own photography

business 2005

-Carl retired from NYPD

after 20yrs

-oldest son graduated college..yay

-oldest son secured a great job out of college in IT

-moved to Myrtle Beach

-younger son moved with us but went away to college

older son stayed in NY :(

-youngest son graduated college..double yay

-Carl became an Horry County Firefighter

-oldest son married his childhood sweetheart after dating for 12 years

finally have that daughter I always wanted

-worked in retailing for a while

-took care of my mom for a while until she passed away in 2012

(hardest thing I ever had to do)

-younger son chasing his dream of becoming a professional baseball player

-picking up where I left off with my photography

got a desk job

--just got my hair cut super to follow:)

- well it's been a while hair not so short anymore, hair short again

Sold our house in Myrtle Beach..moved to Murrells Inlet, SC

just had to put my best buddy, Henry our 13 1/2 year old black lab to sleep:(

- quit my desk job

-this december Carl and I will celebrate our

32nd wedding anniversary

going to be grandma in October...soo excited!!

So that is pretty much me til now

in a nutshell:)

Those who know me.. know

Family is most important to me...

now that being said,

let's get to the important things...

I cannot live without CHOCOLATE,

I love SHOES..I own many

and wear few...

now that I live here heels aren't so important...

I seemed to have started a


of very bright sneakers and of

course have added a new flip flop

section to my closet...

I love costume jewelry

I have a closet full of clothes

and wear the same things all the time...

I love anything that has to do with


I love trashy novels by Sandra Brown


Danielle Steel...

My goal is to do my very best to give my clients

great photos and memories

at very affordable prices and make it a fun experience:)

I just love to capture people just being themselves!